VVIPworks is the Bright Feats employment training program! Participants actually learn and do the work of Bright Feats. Participants . . .

  • add and revise the directory details
  • format the directory details into our print magazines
  • create video Promotions & social posts
  • create templates and update details on our website
  • prepare our publications for delivery to public schools and community locations and more!

It takes a team to make VIPworks a success! Each of our local employment training sites has an important partner. Our partners provide:

  • the location
  • onsite admin & training staff
  • Vocational Rehabilitation connection
  • equipment (computers, office supplies, etc.)
  • and most importantly they share our dedication to the program & our mission to provide meaningful employment training opportunities to individuals with unique abilities!

VIPworks Employment Training Sites

Digital & Print Production – ASD Adult Achievement Center in Altamonte Springs

Digital Marketing – MacDonald Training Center in Tampa

Data Entry – BAC Brevard Achievement Center in Rockledge

Design Work – VIPworks Design


ASD Adult Achievement Center

VIPWorks is a partnership between ASD Adult Achievement Center and Bright Feats. We offer a vocational “Skills Lab” training program to include on-the-job experience working in a variety of computer programs and other technology-related disciplines. The program encompasses print and digital production skills, problem solving skills, entrepreneurship skills, career readiness, developing communication skills for employment, successfully completing identified tasks in appropriate time, and interpersonal skills such as making eye contact and social thinking in the workplace.

MacDonald Training Center

MacDonald Training Center (MTC) VIPworks participants learn about social media marketing and support. They create sample Facebook posts with simple quotes and pictures, to celebrate specific  holidays, and to promote providers that are included in the Bright Feats Directories.

Brevard Achievement Center

Brevard Achievement Center connects with Bright Feats through their On-The-Job Training programs. OJT offers a paid (no less than minimum wage) opportunity to gain job skills and experience of what it’s like to work in an employment environment. The Brevard Achievement Center trains and monitors progress for OJT participants to add, check and revise directory information for expanding Bright Feats locations and publications.

VIPworks Design

VIPworks Design allows participants in training to work on real world design and technology related projects. VIPworks participants that are demonstrating an proficiency may be invited to participate in design projects including graphic design, logo creation, website design, social marketing, ADA compliance, and SEO support for registered clients. Visit for more information. 

Hard Skills Lab

  • Input text, graphics, ads, photos in publications
  • Use software tools for formatting and editing
  • Update graphics, text and content on website pages
  • Access and manipulate data in shared documents
  • Input information into prescribed templates
  • Create unique promotions matching client preferences
  • Proofread, self check, and peer review
  • Identify and follow prescribed design themes
  • Explore opportunities in design and technology supports

Soft Skills Lab

  • Social communication in the workplace
  • Collaboration and team skills
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Following instructions & corrective feedback
  • Problem solving to resolve challenges
  • Managing anxiety in the workplace
  • Develop professionalism and independence in the workplace
  • Cognitive reframing for successful employment

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