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The same team that worked at the Bright Feats Directory for 15 years and VIPworks for 3 years has brought their experience and expertise to VIPworks Design.

VIPworks Design is your full service digital marketing agency. We take the work out of marketing so you can focus on serving your clients.

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Rori Becker, a Florida native and UCF graduate, has worked in non-profit and educational systems. After her first child was born premature, she managed the complex medical and educational care for her daughter while learning about the services available throughout the local special needs community. Co-founding Simple Life Connections in 2006, she helped produce Giggleyolates and the Bright Feats Directory. In 2017, she founded the VIPworks training and employment program. VIPworks Design currently hosts three worksites that teach individuals with unique abilities to perform digital marketing activities like graphic design, website design, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO and more for select clients.



Phyllis Guthman has provided disability information, resources, and communications for Disability Ministries, Sports, Recreation, and Art Organizations as well as Statewide and Local Disability Agencies for 20 years. She launched Disability Resource Hub© (DRH) as a vehicle to disseminate resources and shares it as a Bright Feats Directory for the Tampa Bay area. She’s committed to raising awareness to increase capacity for individuals with disabilities, their families, and the organizations that provide support, and partners with stakeholders who are interested in achieving improved outcomes. She also supports quality of life for individuals with disabilities that lead to inclusion, meaningful relationships, employment, and recreation opportunities.


Lead Graphic Designer

Chris Wright participated and graduated from our VIPworks program at ASD Adult Achievement Center. He has a background and interest in graphic arts. He started working for Bright Feats Corporate Office in June 2019 and has steadily increased his work hours and dedication to our in-house design projects and freelance opportunities from selected clients. Chris continues to expand his expertise to include website design, video editing, SEO and administrative support. Chris currently serves as our full time Lead Graphic Designer for VIPworks Design.


Lead Graphic Designer

Alex Bonenfant participated in the VIPworks training program at the ASD Adult Achievement Center in 2020 to improve her work skills and pursue a profession in utilizing her design skills. She successfully completed all of her selected programs and was hired as a Graphic Designer part time in April 2021. Quickly she ramped up to 40 hours a week and has become an important team member. Alex specializes in social media marketing, graphic design, video promotions and will be learning about email marketing.


Graphic Designer

Andrew participated in the VIPworks training program at the ASD Adult Achievement Center where he produced a number of videos, social media posts, flyers, and voice over work for a variety of clients. His skills landed him as a part time Graphic Designer for VIPworks Design in 2021 where he specializes in advertisements and social media posts.


Graphic Designer

Taylor Stanley has joined the VIPWorks Design team in September 2021 for an internship in Digital Media/Graphic Design assistance. She is completing her senior year at UCF for her bachelor’s in Digital Media: Web Design and a minor in Information Technology. She has a background in web development technologies and an interest in accessibility and participatory graphic design. She strives to expand her knowledge to become a Front-End Web Developer.

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What Makes VIPworks Design Special

Rori Becker co-founded Simple Life Connections in 2006, she helped produce Giggleyolates (a yoga and pilates video for children with diverse abilities) and the Bright Feats Directory. In 2017, as she considered her own daughters’ transition to adulthood and independent living, Rori saw an opportunity to expand her mission with Bright Feats to include inclusive employment. Thus the VIPworks training program was born. VIPworks currently hosts 3 worksites that teach individuals with unique abilities to perform digital marketing and design activities. In 2020 VIPworks trained a combined total of 79 participants. Phyllis Guthman created the Disability Resource Hub 9 years ago. She collaborated with Rori Becker, for the past 5 years to produce a Tampa Bay disability resource directory. 

Their combined experience in education, non-profit, for-profit, mission-based projects and the success of the VIPworks Employment Training Program led Rori and Phyllis to co-found VIPworks Design, a diverse-ability digital marketing agency! Participants with and without autism and related disabilities that demonstrate design ability and the appropriate professional skills can apply to work at VIPworks Design. They match their employees strengths with client needs. Our continued coaching and assistance allow employees to experience success and to reach their full potential.  Our goal for employees with autism and related disabilities is:  “Real Wages for Real Work!”.

We feel a heightened sense of civic responsibility knowing that this work can have an enduring positive impact on individuals with and without disabilities. We are operating in the purpose that has been placed on our hearts to do our part to usher in a society that is fully integrated at work and in the community. Our administrative staff is hardworking and completely committed to the success of our employees. We work extended hours serving as an interface with clients, making sure all client expectations are exceeded. This allows our employees to focus on work activities that they are well suited to complete. They do all of the actual design work and become experts in the particular activities they perform on a daily basis.

Our VIPworks Design Team is a full service digital marketing agency! We perform all design and digital marketing services just like a typical design agency. We are professionals and provide finished products with exceptional quality. With the administrative support offered to our employees, with and without disabilities, and our clients, we will be able to realize our dream of becoming an inclusive employer successfully tackling the challenges associated with hiring individuals with unique abilities. If you are a provider that shares our mission for inclusive employment please contact us!

Individuals that demonstrate design ability and the appropriate professional skills can apply to work at VIPworks Design. We match our employees strengths with client needs. Our continued coaching and assistance allow employees to experience success and to reach their full potential. Those that have an interest in VIPworks Design but who need additional support to prepare for employment can register for VIPworks/ at our collaborating locations: MacDonald Training Center and ASD Adult Achievement Center.

Our employees are finding meaningful employment, with a living wage, through VIPworks Design, doing what they love, utilizing their strengths, and working together as a team to solve problems. In the past they have had jobs in retail and held entry level positions at other common employers. They had difficulties receiving the accommodations needed to be successful and they were not given tasks that highlighted their creative abilities. Their employment with VIPworks Design is allowing a transformation in their lives. One employee moved to an apartment and got married this year. Through consistent employment and their continued dedication and hard work, they are realizing their dream of living independently. They are proud of the work that they are doing and we are proud of them! View their testimony!

Our diverse staff and our amazing collaborators! VIPworks Design clients share our mission for inclusive employment. They are thrilled to have all of their digital marketing needs managed with a single full service design agency while employing adults with special needs. Often a client will come to us with one project in mind but once they start working with us, they appreciate our commitment to successfully completing assignments and before you know it they are asking us to provide multiple and expanded services for them. It’s a wonderful partnership and win-win for everyone: client, employee and VIPworks Design!

We are so thrilled by the collaborative effort of our employees to self-produce a video about our Design Team. They explain what VIPworks Design means to them and the video showcases their abilities, skills and creativity. Link: https://vipworksdesign.com/video/

Visit VIPworksDesign.com for more information! View this informational video. Let us know how we can help at vipworksdesign.com/contact/

Send Rori and Phyllis a message at rori@vipworksdesign.com and phyllis@vipworksdesign.com and give us a call at (407) 620-9355.

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